A Taboo Fantasy – Nude Portrait

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ALAINA NEEDS TO SKETCH A NUDE PORTRAIT OF THE MALE BODY FOR HER ART CLASS. SHE CONVINCES HER BROTHER TO POSE FOR HER. ALAINA DECIDES THE PORTRAIT NEEDS TO HAVE AN “ERECT PENIS”…. SO SHE GIVES HER OWN BROTHER A RAGING HARD-ON!!! UNFORTUNATELY…HER BROTHER’S RAGING HARD-ON ENDS UP INSIDE HER!!! When Alaina has a Project due the next day in Art class at school….she reluctantly asks her Brother Mitchell for help. Her Project…..is to do a “Nude Portrait” of the male body….and her Brother is the only subject she has access to. With some persuasion….Alaina convinces Mitchell to pose for her. After a few minutes of sketching him…Alaina realizes that something isn’t quite right…..she thinks the Portrait would be better….if the male had….in her words….”an erect penis”. Mitchell tells his Sister that there is NO WAY he is going to get erect for her….so she might as well continue drawing. Alaina, however, realizes that Brother or not….ALL guys are the same…so she removes her shirt, and starts to draw. As expected….Mitchell does get excited by Alaina’s Tits (which are absolutely SPECTACULAR) and his cock starts to grow. Alaina, however….wants a full erection…so she removes her pants too!! Alaina prances in front of her Brother in an effort to get a boner out of him….but she soon realizes that a horny guy….Brother or not….wants to Fuck!!! Alaina, feeling guilty for the painfully hard erection she has caused….agrees to have sex with her Brother. Alaina sucks Mitchell’s cock….let’s him have a good long lick of her sweet, young Pussy….and then she lets him take a poke at her. Alaina is NOT happy when her Brother….without warning…..ejaculates inside her….but she quickly gets up, grabs her sketch pad….and begins to work on her Nude Portrait