Alex Coal – Meet Me At The Local Diner ( Girl Girl )

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Alex and Maren are a couple of hot blooded girls looking for a good time. In a small town like Pleasantville the best place to hang out is the local diner. They meet up for a few not so innocent games of pinball. Unable to keep their hands to themselves they grab a booth and share a glass bottle soda while letting their hands roam. Lots of upskirt shots, panty rubbing, kissing, and flirting. Who won at pinball? Alex did. But they both walked away winners together.

About Alex Coal

The girl next door is kinkier than you ever dreamed.
Scroll through my videos and you'll be surprised at my mostly dominant attitude coupled with sweet smiles.
Watch my live cam shows on or to get to know me & don't forget to treat yourself to a few of my videos.
I don't have a single tattoo or piercing. I wear glasses usually, but I have contacts if I need them.

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