Amateurs Exposed – 36E Cup 7 Months Pregnant

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VERY POPULAR! Alicia F is 7 months pregnant… A mere 5 foot one inches, but with HUGE 36 E cup boobs. It’s not often we see a 7 month pregnant gal with her boobs sticking out further than her belly… Well here she is. Jumping up & down in slow motion with a circular movement of both her boobs. Lifts her left boob & encircles her nipple. Then cradles both boobs. Side view of her belly & hanging boobs. Squats. More vacuum pumping. Pulls & drops her nipple & boobs. A slower squat to the ground. We zoom in on her pussy. Flexes her pussy.Discovers one of our many glass dildos… The next 6 minutes is exclusive dildo play footage. (Only a partial description) MUCH MUCH MORE… TRUE HD 1280 x 720. NO MEN IN OUR VIDEOS EVER!

About Amateurs Exposed

This studio has almost a 1,000 amateurs. ALL the videos are ONLY of women. We NEVER show men. So when you see our videos it will be of that amateur (and sometimes a friend) from beginning to end. Most of videos run 30 minutes in 1280 x 720 size... (will fill most laptop monitors!!!) If you are looking for xxx videos that simply is not us. Our fans find this quite appealing... Who wants to see hairy assed men anyway. Prefer to see a FEMALE amateur play with a dildo...

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