Amateurs Exposed – Ruby A Small Boob Lover Rejoice

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Ruby A 0297 From the very beginnings of our video sessions comes this petite beauty which for some reason we never edited this footage. So from the archives here it is. Super petite bleached blonde with a great personality. Runs a bit over 20 minutes. Edited as tightly as possible with no dull moments. Enjoy. No men in our videos ever.(Only a partial description) MUCH MUCH MORE… TRUE HD 1280 x 720. NO MEN IN OUR VIDEOS EVER

About Amateurs Exposed

This studio has almost a 1,000 amateurs. ALL the videos are ONLY of women. We NEVER show men. So when you see our videos it will be of that amateur (and sometimes a friend) from beginning to end. Most of videos run 30 minutes in 1280 x 720 size... (will fill most laptop monitors!!!) If you are looking for xxx videos that simply is not us. Our fans find this quite appealing... Who wants to see hairy assed men anyway. Prefer to see a FEMALE amateur play with a dildo...

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