Amedee Vause – Mommy Needs Your Cum

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I want Bigger Boobs! I know, I know… everybody tells me mine are quite big, but just look at all my girlfriends! They have HUGE Boobs! I simply need, them to grow bigger! I am not willing to undergo surgery, I want my Tits to be Natural. I asked my doctor about it and he immediately came with an old folk solution! He said I should rub fresh Semen on my Boobies and they will grow Bigger in no time! He even offered his own special Semen right there on the spot, fresh out of his cock! I tried it but it doesn’t seem to work so well… and I think I know why! I surely need the Semen of someone closer to me, a relative of sorts, so we can match genetically! My Son! He will definitely help his Mommy in need! Oh, sure, he will be reluctant at first, that’s normal, but I have my ways of seducing a man and I certainly know how to make a man Cum! If he’s too shy to Rub One Off in front of his own Mommy, I’ll give him a helping hand… rub it a little, maybe suck it, some DeepThroat might be required but he will be persuaded, I’m sure! And if all else fails, I’ll ask him to put it into my pussy and fuck me… God knows I haven’t had a good fuck in a while, I need it! I’ll make him Cum on my Titties even if I have to Titty-Fuck him all the way to the end! Yes… a good TitJob might do the trick! Oh, here he is right now! “Son! Can you come over here for a minute?”

About Amedee Vause

Hello! If you're here that means you want to know me better. Let me take care of you in this inner journey!
I am Amedee Vause, adult model and entertainer. I just love to do porn and to share this pleasure with my fans thanks to my exhibitionist side. I am 21, skinny with big boobs, such a pleasant coincidence...
I sell full HD quality videos(1080p, 30-60fps) filmed with a Canon EOS-7D camera with professional lighting.

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