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I uploaded these as 2 individuals so i morphed the videos together. I will be holding a contest. This video explains it. I am looking for my #1 fan! I am looking for people to send tips aka “make it rain”. I will keep track of who tips me and how much I am tipped. The number one tipper will receive a video shout out: you can customize this video with a range of 5-30 mins long. It will be posted on my profile for free or cheap (depending on length & content) and I will send you the shoutout bit for free. I am thinking of writing your name somewhere on my body for this video (you choose where, and if it says your slave or your dom etc). If you do want me to write your name, I will send you photos for free of your name on my body part. Either way, you will receive the portion of the video with your name in it sent for free (about 1 min), Second place: I will create a video I think you will enjoy. The video will be between 1 and 5 mins long, sent directly to you for free. I will base the video content on videos you purchased from me in the past and/or videos of any model you reviewed. Third place: an autographed sexy picture. I can mail this to you if you want, but I think it would b easier to just send it to you digitally (I do have a scanner). Finally, I will thank every tipper no matter what Comment here and let me know if you would like to be updated on your place in the contest. This ends February 1st 2019 so the rewards can be sent for Valentines Day!

About AnnaBubbly

Hi there! I am kind of shy and awkward at first, but once I get comfortable I am really friendly and outgoing. I love fetishes and would love to fit your exact fantasy into my videos!

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