Ashlyn Murphy – The Real Slim Shibby

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This is a video I did for a wet t-shirt theme contest awhile back. I had nicknamed myself Shibby so I thought it would be cool to do this video with The Real Slim Shady in the background. Get it? So it is a wet t-shirt video contest and I am pretty limited in where I can do this because it is winter. So I decide to use the kitchen sink because of the spray nozzle. I get myself nice and wet and then strip out of my wet white t-shirt and panties. Then I run the water over my clit until I cum and my pussy starts pulsating. You want to see this one!

About Ashlyn Murphy

Hey everyone! My name is Ashlyn. I am an adult amateur model who has been in the “business” for 7 years and I absolutely LOVE sharing myself with you all. A real life swinger, my sexual adventures know no boundaries. I aim to please and believe that variety is the spice of life. A true MILF, this good wife gone naughty is here to please YOU. Let’s make it happen, cum along with me on my amazing journey of debauchery and let me blow your mind.

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