Ava Black – Good guys finish last

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You are woken by the sound of her return downstairs. Your wife is back.. You glance at your watch. It is just after 6 in the morning, meaning she has been out all night. She is saying goodbye to her date. You do your best to keep quiet even as you strain to hear how the night has gone. Judging from her giggles they had a good time. You smile to yourself. Your mind is running wild hoping she will tell you how it all went. As she enters the bedroom you keep quiet. She spots you on the floor and you can hear the immediate change in her tone. Flirtation is replaced by disgust and she ends her phone call. You try and keep as still as you can while on the floor. After all you know she will be in a slightly better mood if you haven’t ‘spoilt’ the bed with your scent. She likes to savour the feeling of her lovers when she comes home. As usual she is not happy with you. She reminds you just how little she thinks of you. Sure you paid for the date, and sure she won’t be touching you for ages. But she still resents that you want all the juicy details of her date. She reminds you just how much she is going to ruin you and take you for all you have. And you won’t stop her because then she’ll let slip your dirty little perversion

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Ebony Dominatrix from the UK.
Travels extensively around the world.
Loves kink, shopping, and fucking… not necessarily in that order.
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