Ava Black – Oooh, its Mr Idiot Stalker here

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Faaark! You are so fucking disgusting! Fucking pervert! You know that the only way you are going to get any female attention is if you pay for it don’t you? That’s why you pay for my clips, one after the other… Just to get a woman who actually has time for that roadkill cock for you. How pathetic! Seeing that nasty cock of yours throbbing just at the thought of how much hdegradation I’m going to unleash on you in this clip! In fact in this clip I’m going to tell you exactly how much I despise you. Despise every part of you and what you desire. And how I’m going to rinse you by giving you everything you want and making you pay through the nose to get your pathetic spunk on!

About Ava Black

Ebony Dominatrix from the UK.
Travels extensively around the world.
Loves kink, shopping, and fucking… not necessarily in that order.
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