Ava Black – Scuzzy sock stuffing

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Includes – white socks – sock stuffing – socks – ebony – ebony foot fetish – brat girls – bratty femdom – CFNM – sock smelling – foot slave training – verbal humiliation – extreme domination – dirty socks Mistress likes to come up with divine ways of making her footslave’s life miserable! So it should have been no surprise really for him when she came back to the Dungeon with impossibly dirty socks in her trainers. You’d even imagine she took her time to dirty up those white socks even more just to make his life unbearable. But slave knows not to disobey. So when she takes off those trainers and demands he get to work using his mouth to clean and worship her dirty socks he obliges! They taste horrible. And his protests only make Mistress amused. She likes to see him squirm and struggle! There’s no way out though and he knows it

About Ava Black

Ebony Dominatrix from the UK.
Travels extensively around the world.
Loves kink, shopping, and fucking… not necessarily in that order.
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