BabesAndBandits – Sunday DnD Game 18.3

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In this episode we have a smaller group than normal, but Lilith In Chains is with us!. We are still in RedTalons manor and she suggests that we move to the closest person on our list which is Vudusk. We find out that he is a liason to a spire that is considered to be holy. When we finally reach Vudsks manor house we find out that the spire has ways to protect itself against people coming in. But nothing seems to be awry in the manor house so we head right to the spire, seeing the gate house has been smashed in by clubs. Cautiously, we move ahead through the ringed hallways surrounding the spire. Some of the hallways appear to be spells or faerie rings and one room is a confusion room. We get to the spire and find Vudusk on the ground telling us to close the door that only Kyro can see. Kyro closes the door and on the way out of the tower we get ambushed by dopplegangers in the confusion room! We finally escape and we have a big feast at the manor house!

About BabesAndBandits

Dungeons And Dragons isn't just for Bandits! Watch us Babes traverse through dangerous dungeons and logic our way through puzzles along with the bandits. But after a successful campaign we like to celebrate with blowjobs, vibrators, and more!

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