BabesAndBandits – Us All Learning D&D Basic Game 2014 2

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This is us showing some game play and our journey. We have had a wonderful time trying to launch our new site “babesandbandits”. That is a complete lie… It has been one hell of an experience. We would love to give you a little of a background before you start paying for our quest into “babesandbandats”. We will be dropping this free campaign of 10 episodes. We really had an amazing experience playing and hope you will support our little kinky gaming idea! After every campaign/game play there will be a video. We are truly only charging for the porn end of our videos. We feel we need a little time to build our fan base. We love our fans and hope you enjoy this. We want people to get into what we are doing and why we are doing it so stay tuned to our MVTUBE, It will be filled with insight into your Babes and Bandits! Look for us other places under the tiles: Twitter @thesummerpeople @LilBabyBoyJoey @whisperpup212 @puppoppet / thesummerpeplecir / rardysexuality / Lil_KittyTheory / cuntnuggetpro

About BabesAndBandits

Dungeons And Dragons isn't just for Bandits! Watch us Babes traverse through dangerous dungeons and logic our way through puzzles along with the bandits. But after a successful campaign we like to celebrate with blowjobs, vibrators, and more!

We are also on Patreon as BabesNBandits where you can donate to us so we can keep playing DnD and expanding our collection of miniatures!

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