Blair Waters – HeatWaves

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After a little bit of shopping, I come home and find you waiting on me. “Why hello there babe, you miss me?” You nod your head yes. You know how much I like to play around, & how I like to keep you on your toes. I start wiggle out my tight jeans and show my body off to you more. It starts to get really hot. So I take you to the bedroom & ride you hard, moving my hips fast while you are inside of me, till we both cum. Summer is just getting started baby

About Blair Waters

I'm usually at a bar.... that is low key and excluded from the rest of the world. In a tight black dress, black pumps... skin drench in rosewater and Chanel No.5....while random men surround me...they buy me drinks, and fumble in their pockets trying to find their lighter, to light my french cigarettes....
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