Blair Waters – Pharah’s Demise

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Pharah has 3 missions…to seduce, fuck, and make you cum. She has you trapped in this room with her….doors closed…and nowhere to hide nor go. She seduces you in the art of erotic dance. Now your eyes are locked on her. You check out her soft body and you can’t hide your hard on anymore. She bends over for you and you have been graced to fuck her on many levels…slow, medium, then super fast. She screams! it echos throughout the land. There is no turning back now. Ahhhh sucking you next…teasing every inch of your cock. Now its burst time! You pop a huge load all over your favorite OverWatch babe…next time bring a girl flowers are something when you find yourself trapped in this room with Pharah again…. (FUCK MACHINE ALERT) A GAMERS DREAM!! of virtual sex, POV, Ass Views, Jiggly ass, Soft body, and ending with a huge cum shot

About Blair Waters

I'm usually at a bar.... that is low key and excluded from the rest of the world. In a tight black dress, black pumps... skin drench in rosewater and Chanel No.5....while random men surround me...they buy me drinks, and fumble in their pockets trying to find their lighter, to light my french cigarettes....
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