CurvaceousCarla – Freebie Friday: Pizza Stuffing Excerpts

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I managed to eat an order of pasta, ¾ths of a cheesy bread order, and about half of a large pizza extra cheese alfredo chicken pizza… but oh my god… I thought I was going to explode. My belly was so stuffed, I couldn’t stop moaning and rubbing it, and burping. I drank the whole 2 liter and every sip I took panged my belly as it got bigger and rounder.

I filmed the whole thing, but I had to keep pausing and using my phone to talk to a feeder so they could keep encouraging me to eat. Then I had to go back to work, and driving there was sooooo hard… I almost couldn’t turn my wheel, it kept bumping into my fat belly and making me burp and hiccup and moan.

Then I had to sit at my desk, uncomfortably full and so turned on… without rubbing my belly! My zipper kept coming undone when I had to stand up and it was so embarrassing… I loved every second of it!!!

I’m still so fucking stuffed, but…the rest of that pizza is sounding pretty good… urrrrrp.

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Just a cute fatty who loves food too much and can't stop eating! I mostly make fetish videos about my big round belly, but I love to please, so I try to record a variety of clips. I hope you'll leave a heart on my profile, and if you love a video, please review it! It would make me so happy.

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