CurvyElvishGirl – Ashamed to be bottomless: 1

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In this series, I’ve created an alternate universe, where stripping is beginning to be imposed as a punishment for minor infractions to empty the prisons. This series follows the memories of one girl with terrible luck through her most shameful bottomless moments. Part one: Viviana goes to the doctor to talk about her nightmares of being pantsless- they’ve become much more common with the new laws! She thought he’d prescribe some xanax or something, but he goes with exposure therapy instead

About CurvyElvishGirl

Viviana Black- 21 years old, 5'2, 120 lbs- and a diagnosed nymphomaniac. I do tons of films, will try anything once- and focus on the fetishes I enjoy! I post up to 20 videos a week , and film custom commissions almost every weekend- Email me to set up yours! get my snap for $2.99 on - FREE MV VIDEOS HERE:

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