DorisDawn – My FAT Winter ASS

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February videos have an air apart. With my garden in hibernation, I spend too many hours sitting on a chair, in front of a computer. This affects my buttocks. Always in February I find that my ass is fat – a fat winter ass! What better idea than filming it and watching it – because how else could I see it?? Moving my ass around the kitchen, getting lunch ready, is part of lovemaking in marriage because – you know – they say that a good wife has to master the art of cooking. I’ll prepare a vegetarian meal but you’ll see why I can’t be a true vegetarian

About DorisDawn

I'm a mother of 4, married to my lover boy ever since the '80s, After graduating from the Faculty of Law at the University of _. Promotion 1989, I've spent a decade as (mostly) a divorce lawyer until my career got derailed into mothering.

Playing in Your Erotic Dreams
Here you are! - gazing at my exposed corner of genuine romantic porn!
I am a mature housewife and I take pleasure to play in your erotic dreams.
I enjoy showing my nudity and lovemaking on the web. My life is more than sex.

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