EliMarie717 – Giving the cleaner a hard time Part 1 HD

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This clip was made for the following erotic, slight bdsm themed request, no names used or anything. Thankyou Mr. Requestor – “You are my house cleaner, and you turn up to clean my house. You’re not happy with the state I’ve left the fridge in. You start complaining to me saying; “why you do this to me?, can’t you at least clean up a bit yourself”. I dunno if you have any, but wear clothes that don’t fit the greatest. Maybe a white top, but be bra less, so your tits can fall out while you’re cleaning the fridge. Have your white gym pants on, with your buttcrack showing, bending in to clean the fridge. Showing lots of crack. Turn around and say “what you looking at, like what you see?”. But as you’ve turned to the camera, you have a nipple slip going on. Put it away, all in a fluster. Bend back into the fridge, plenty of crack showing. Then act like I’ve just said your asscrack is showing. Turn around pulling you pants up, saying; “stop looking at my ass”. Come round to talk to me. Com

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