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It is late at night and you’re walking through the woods on your way home. It’s dark and the only light is coming from the moon. In the distance you can see something shinning bright and it is drawing you to it like a moth to a light!! Wow what a beautiful fallen angel. “Hi I am Epiphany” I say – wow even her voice is hot (you’re thinking). You’re straight away turned on by my sexy innocence. We chat for a bit and I explain where I am from and how I have ended up here. I tell you how I have been sent down her to pleasure and please all the horny and lonely men. I see you checking out my booty so I give you a little tease of my big round ass – your dick automatically goes rock solid!! I ask to see your hard dick and you gladly get it all out for me. You ask to see mine, so I tease you some more before revealing my wet, pink pussy. I look so tight and ready to fuck. You are so turned on by my sweet pussy you start stroking your horny cock and I give you a filthy mouthed JOI. Seeing you edging makes me so wet and wild!! I just can’t keep my hands off you any longer. I give you the best sucking you have ever had with my big, soft lips and then we fuck like animals!! I ride your dick in lots of hot positions and then you make me cream and orgasm intense on my back. I lick your dick clean and then finish you off again with another BJ this time you cum deep down my throat and you are so turned on by how I play with your delicious spunk in my mouth

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All natural MILF who loves playing dress up. Sexy southern British accent and a very slutty mouth, just how you like it! I love making your filthy fantasies a hot reality. Making you jerk off and cum is a guilty pleasure of mine. Send me your video ideas now.

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