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Ive been intrigued by your dick size for sometime now, I think you look pretty hung but there is no telling without seeing it all in the flesh. So I just get straight to the point and ask How big is your dick? You’re so turned on by how direct I am at asking your size and it’s hot to learn that I am interested in your dick size. We have been friends sometime now and you never thought I would be intrested in your cock!! You play it cool and casually say “It is not as big as people say” desperate to see, I give a propersition you just cant refuse – I will show you mine if you promise to show me yours. Your dick automatically goes hard as soon as you see me peeling out of my tight, leather pants. Damn my naked body is looking good!! I lay down on the sofa and as promised spread my legs just for you! Revealing my beautiful pink pussy. You show me yours and I really want to play with your big, horny dick! As you have a girlfriend you’re a little reluctant to play, so you pass me your phone and show me this hot video of you playing with your dick and I just cant help but touch my little pussy, seeing me stroking my wet pussy over your dick is driving you crazy! we masturbate together, edging close to cum. This isn’t enough for you, you need more, you need my pussy!! Teasing my pussy lips with your hard dick, making me beg you to slide it inside me, once you’re in we fuck hard and in lots of hot positions until we both orgasm hard together

About Epiphany666cb

All natural MILF who loves playing dress up. Sexy southern British accent and a very slutty mouth, just how you like it! I love making your filthy fantasies a hot reality. Making you jerk off and cum is a guilty pleasure of mine. Send me your video ideas now.

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