Espi Kvlt – Long Distance Relationship

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Espi is your long distance girlfriend and you’re getting sexually frustrated with her so far away, but there’s ways for her to help you! She teases you with her naked body and then starts to finger herself, but she has to try to be quiet, because her roommate is home. She then slaps her ass and takes off her shirt, wearing nothing but her socks. She then starts to finger herself again, but she has a surprise for you! She pulls out her adorable pink dildo and gives it a blowjob before masturbating with that, too. She does that in a couple different positions, and then she has another surprise for you!! She pulls out her Bodywand and uses both toys at the same time before orgasm!!!

About Espi Kvlt

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Black metal vocalist: Seas of Winter, Apricitas, Phryne, Guan Yin.

Nonbinary cryptid. They/Them.

Darth Ophidius of the Mudhorn Clan.

Holder of a B.A. in English-Writing.

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