FifiFoxxFantasies – Young Daughter’s Wet Problem – Daddy POV

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**This clip includes: Texie, POV, daddy/daughter, very young daughter wants to talk to dad about these new sensations in her body, she has been getting wet & doesn’t know what to do about it, she feels like she wants to do stuff with boys at school, you teach her about masturbation, sex education, daughter is very vulnerable & trusting, trusts her dad, listens to what he says, dad tells her to strip down, instructs her to grope herself, tit groping, teaches her how to masturbate, masturbation, moaning, orgasm, daughter thanks dad for helping her, petite, daddy’s girl, older man, young girl, small girl** This is an extreme clip. It’s intended for those interested in participating in an intense, taboo fantasy. Your sweet, young daughter sat in front of you with an uneasy look on her face. “I want to talk to you about something,” she started to say, “and I don’t know how to talk to you about it, but you told me I could talk to you about anything.” Her tiny hands were buried in her gray sleeves, and she nervously rubbed her legs together. “I’ve…been feeling weird things, like, in my body and down there,” Texie said pointing down at her pussy. “Sometimes it feels like I wanna do stuff to myself.” She explained that when she saw boys at school, it only strengthened those feelings, and it made her want to stuff with them, too. You obviously knew what she meant. Your little girl was starting to get wet, and she didn’t know how to control her sexual urges. “Masturbation? What’s that?” Texie asked with wide eyes. Your daughter was far too young to engage in sexual activity, so it was the only thing you could think of to help control her body. And honestly, you felt like she was even too young for that. “Why would I do that, Daddy? Why would anyone do that?” she asked curiously. It was so awkward to explain something that seemed so dirty…so sinful to your innocent, pure girl. “I have to take this off?” Texie trusted her daddy, and listened to everything and anything you said to do. She stripped down, her small, bare body sitting in front of you, then did as you instructed, which was groping her petite body. “So, this is what girls do to themselves…and to others?” she asked with narrow eyes. Once you got done explaining some of the simpler things, masturbation came next. You watched as your young daughter rubbed her untouched, bald, virgin pussy for the first time. And although you were helping her, there was a feeling you couldn’t shake off – one that made you feel like a disgusting, perverted, old man. Was it normal for a man to get hard in a situation like this? Was it wrong? Your daughter was so young, so vulnerable…and she had just sat in front of you…bare, naked, and masturbating. Were you a bad father for getting hard? And better yet, were you a terrible person for jerking off to your young daughter after she left?

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