GoddessLisa_Lux – Custom-New Shoes For Loser

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You have your hair straight, or a little wavvy like in your twitter account, you are wearing a cute frilly top and so short shorts (maybe jean shorts?) You walk in wearing that and no socks or shoes but you’re carrying a box. You come into show your shoe slave what some loser sent you you. how pathetic. You open the box and it’s converse sneakers. You tease the slave should I put them on? The view is maybe from the ground looking up at you as you look down on the slave (maybe he was working on another pair of shoes when you walk in?) You put them on and they look amazing on you. Maybe the slave can have a leash you hold to keep him from reaching your sneaker clad feet? “you don’t deserve the honor of cleaning such clean shoes do you?” You tease and say I bet you wish you could lick these clean soles huh? Maybe I’ll serve you your slave food from the bottoms after I step all in it. Can you imagine how amazing these will smell too with no socks? You basically tease the viewer to death with verbal degradation and show him the bottoms often talking about keeping them clean for you. BUT when they are too much or you grow bored of them you can sell them to another slave for ever more than that loser paid for them. Something like that. Then you say I’ll think I’ll break these in since I’m going out with the girls tonight you’ll get your first taste when I get back. Have a good night loser and you stomp on his face (the camera) a few times before walking off laughing