HighJinksxxx – Watch Me Smoke My Blunt And Ignoring You

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Watch Me smoke my blunt and ignore you…7 minutes of me ignoring you as I play around on my phone, and watching Tv. Why are you watching me? You’re worthless and don’t deserve any of my attention. No seriously why are you still watching me. Ew. Whatever keep watching you worthless pig. You’re disgusting and worthless and I deserve everything you have. Tags: big boobs, big tits, bisexual, body piercing ,eye contact, eye fetish, face fetish, fair skin, ignore, ignore fetish, ignore you, feet, fetish, finger fetish, finger nail fetish, foot fetish,reflex, ,hair, hand fetish, hip fetish, home video, huge boobs, huge tits, ink, jiggle, legs, lip fetish, lipstick fetish, long hair, long nails, long toes, makeup, mesmerize, nails, nerdy girls, , piercings, pointed toes, pornstars, puffy tits, role play, soft, tattoos, teeth, toe fetish, ignore, ignoring, ignore fetish

About HighJinksxxx

I am the fetish whore you have been looking for. Let me take you on an adventure of sexual experiences and take you to the peak of ecstasy. Find something new and exciting as I always upload new content so it never gets old. I am always exploring new fetishes and love doing whatever it takes to get you off!

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