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Burglar is breaking in to the house! But what she doesn´t know is that the house is full of traps to trap her and humiliate her! Script: Right after breaking in the house from the window, her boots are
stuck to the floor. She has no choice but to take them
out and continue barefoot. She´s trying to find valuables to steal, but instead she finds out that she´s been covered in extremely itchy powder, and her whole body itches terribly!
She has to take off all her clothes. Her ass, soles and feet are the most schratchy….
She continues, but the floor is hot, she sits down on chair, but her butt is stuck to the chair… Her soles are burning, she´s screaming and jumping. She steps and sits on
the tacks.. it hurts a lot! She´s totally
desperate, and she wants to run away from that damn house, but she slips
and land on sofa. Suddenly she hears the police are coming. She´s scared, trying to hide, but she
end up stuck with bare ass sticking out. Something´s stinging her ass, and she´s crying, screaming, kicking etc. She´s totally destroyed by humiliation
and pain and can do nothing. She´s tries to open the door to leave but it´s closed. She can´t do anything but to sob and cry totally embarrassed and desperate. 4K utraHd
Size: 4.01 GB, Release date: 2022-01-04

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I´m an exhibisionist, love to get naughty and masturbate in public and/or prohibited places. People looking at my naked body turns me on! I´m college student, camgirl and content creator. I snap to my Personal Snapchat every day (40$) and do Skype shows (check my store!).

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