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Doctor Starshyne, the sex crazed sex therapist, has kindly allowed me a session from her busy day. We meet up in the usual one on one therapy way, but you’re so much different than a normal therapist. You’re dressed conservatively, but with a few too many buttons on your shirt undone than normal. Your skirt is too short, so every time you cross your legs your sexy panties are on full show …which leads me to stare… I really shouldn’t have stared… After barely a minute of you making notes and seeing a bulge form in my pants, you know you’ll have some fun with me. You tell me that I’m suffering from being a pervert. Not just a pervert, but a VIRGIN PERVERT! Telling me that I really shouldn’t be staring at your cleavage while we talk and at the same time showing me more of it, you tell me to strip naked for you. Smiling at how easy it is to get me naked and then kneeling, you write in your notebook and say out loud – COMPLETELY SUBMISSIVE. You ask me to beg you to help me.

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