IvyStarshyne – Your Lesbian Best Friend

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It’s been so long since your old high school buddy hung out with you. She’s just about the same as when you were in school – older, but mostly the same. Her casual conversation about sex and relationships reminds you of how great it was being friends with her. You guys have a beer, reminiscent of your childhood together as well. She’s going on about being the school lesbian, and how that shaped her life now. You wonder if she would have been different now, had she not been labeled as such so early on… The burping competitions are a reminder to her that she never had men even slightly interested in her in any way other than as a friend. She’s set in her status though, doesn’t want to change her being a lesbian. However, she always wondered if she even could get a dick hard. You’re more than happy to be part of her experiment. After she strips down though, her testing goes further – she wants to know what it feels like to have a real flesh cock in her

About IvyStarshyne

If you'd love a custom, let me know! Send me a message 🙂 I'm a dirty talking slut! I'm all over the place, and love to try new things. Check out all of my random content, and prepare yourself for explosive orgasms!

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