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In this video I mock your unrequited desire for me. I sneer at how much you want to fuck this hairy pussy and tell you the closest you will ever come to it is gulping my piss. I tell you you’re unworthy of swallowing directly from my cunt and are so pathetic that all you can do is sip it cold from mail order. (store item coming soon.) The action then cuts to a series of clips of me filling various jars and glasses for your Goddess Piss Addiction. You will recognize looks and outfits from my other videos and will know that even when I’m filming non-pee content I am still prepping cups of piss for your degradation and humiliation. SUPER HOT

tags: pee, piss, urine, femdom, female supremacy, goddess, humiliation, denial, scorn, mockery, toilet slavery, slave training, sub training, piss slave, hairy pussy, hairy bush, big clit, costumes, lingerie, high heels, tattoo

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Hey y'all. I'm far enough in my transition where getting in drag to do porn is becoming unbearable. Follow my main account- I post there twice a week and doing customs there but I'll only be posting here once a month to keep the account open. be sure to follow me on youtube too

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