Jerky Girls – Cougar Milking

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EXPLOSIVE MILKING BY SKILLED COUGAR!!!! SMOKING HOT COUGAR BRIDGETTE LEE HAS TWO DATES ON THE SAME NIGHT!! TO MAKE ROOM FOR BOTH…SHE MILKS THE FIRST ONE VIOLENTLY UPON HIS ARRIVAL! SHE MAKES HIM EXPLODE WITH BOY GOO….EVERYWHERE SHE SENDS HIM ON HIS WAY, JUST AS THE SECOND BOY ARRIVES!! Smoking HOT Cougar Bridgette Lee has a slight dilemma…….She has booked two Dates with young boys…on the same night!! Prior to the arrival of the first youngster….who has made all kinds of plans…Dinner….Movie etc etc…..Bridgette consults with one of Her Cougar friends on the phone. The advice She gets?……..Jerk-Off the first young suitor as soon as he arrives….skip all the “Date” stuff….that will free Her up to Milk the second young boy too!!!!! Great advice!!! The first young boy arrives….and Mrs. Lee immediately goes for his pants…and before this young boy knows what hit him….the Skilled Cougar Hands of Bridgette are making him EXPLODE!!!! She causes him to SQUIRT….and SQUIRT…..and SQUIRT!!!! He is soaked as Bridgette gives him a Good Night Kiss and sends him on his way….just as the next young boy knocks at Her door! We LOVE it when a Hot Cougar goes on a Milk Rampage!!!!!