Jerky Girls – I’m 18

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18 YEAR OLD BABYSITTER SEDUCES MR. PEACE…. WHILE MRS. PEACE IS IN THE SHOWER!!!! “I’M IN GRADE 12 NOW…MOST OF THE GIRLS IN MY CLASS ARE JERKY GIRLS!!” CAMERON, THE BABYSITTER TELLS MR. PEACE THAT SHE JERKS-OFF HER BOYFRIEND 5-10 TIMES A DAY!! SHE OFFERS TO BABYSIT FOR FREE…IF HE’LL LET HER PLAY WITH HIS PEEPEE THEN CAMERON STICKS HER FEET IN HIS MOUTH AND JERKS HIM OFF!! Cameron has been babysitting for the Peace Family for years. Tonight, She arrives early to Babysit….and Mr. Peace tells Her that Mrs. Peace is still in the shower….and won’t be ready for 15 minutes or so. When Mr. Peace asks Cameron about Her “Jerky Girls” T-Shirt….Cameron explains it to him…..”Well I’m in Grade 12 now, Mr. Peace….most of the Girls in My Class are Jerky Girls….it means we like to Jerk-Off our boyfriends”. Cameron goes on to explain to Mr. Peace that She and Her boyfriend are having a squabble… because She likes to Jerk him 5-10 times a day…and he’s complaining that his cock is sore!! Then, 18 Year Old Cameron has an idea……”Hey Mr. Peace…..since I’m having a fight with My bf…….and since Mrs. Peace won’t be ready for 10 minutes….if you let me play with your PeePee…..I’ll watch the baby for free!!!!”. Mr. Peace is nervous as he looks up the stairs…where he can hear his Wife’s shower running….but before he knows it….18 Year Old Cameron has his pants down…and Her eyes lit up…as She Giggles….”WOW!!! your PeePee is a lot Bigger than my boyfriend’s Mr. Peace!!”. Cameron starts to Jerk-Off Mr. Peace, and pauses to let him smell Her Feet….and She sticks Her Sock Feet inside his mouth….(She may only be 18…but Cameron knows that guys Love Hot Girl Feet!)….and then….while looking over Her Shoulder to make sure Mrs. Peace doesn’t catch them….little Cameron makes Mr. Peace Cum…and Cum…and Cum!!! She giggles as the sperm keeps cumming out of him!! Just as She finishes Milking him dry…the Shower upstairs finishes!!