Jerky Girls – White Girls Rule

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TWO LITTLE WHITE GIRLS CAN HAVE FUN WITH A BIG BLACK COCK!!! MELONY AND LISA HUMILIATE MELONY’S BOYFRIEND BY SUBJECTING HIM TO A MILKING!!! Lisa and Melony are in their Bikinis….one their way to the Beach….but Melony needs a “chore” done first. Melony has a good-looking Black boyfriend….with a Big cock…..that Melony loves to play with….but She doesn’t allow Her boyfriend to Jerk-Off when She is not around….so everytime She leaves the house….She Beats him Off….so he won’t have any urge to do so, while She is out. Melony explains this ritual to Lisa, and tells Lisa that they can’t leave until this is done….then She calls in Her boyfriend. Melony’s boyfriend is told to pull his pants down…sit still and Shut Up. He complains….asking “Do we have to do this everytime you go out??!!”. Melony repeats the direction to Shut Up, and pulls his pants down Herself. When Lisa sees his Big Black Cock…She is VERY impressed!! For extra embarassment….Melony invites Lisa to perform the Sperm Removal on Her boyfriend’s Big Black Cock….and Melony watches her boyfriend’s embarrassment as little Lisa makes him ejaculate!! With his balls completely empty….the Girls can now go to the Beach…with Melony assured that there will be no self-masturbation from Her boyfriend