JessIsAmessVids – My First Impregnation Fantasy – Mike

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My First Impregnation Fantasy Custom – Mike Mike … Your here Early … OMG! My Rollers have not set my Hair yet! I’m so embarrassed! Whats underneath my Rob? *Blush … Come and find out! You Like? I was going to wear this under my Dress, for our Date tonight, but … Surprise! I Love it when You pick me up, I’m a BBW, so that means Your really Strong since You can lift me. I’m not ready yet, but so glad you got off Work early to come see me. We are both so Busy with Work … hardly any time for us. The Hospital has us going back and forth from Days to Night, and every other weekend. You have a regular schedule, I’m so Jelly … I hate this! What? You want me to quit my Job, and Stay at home and Make ? I would LOVE too, but could You afford it Love? I’m so tired after work, I don’t want to Cook or Clean some days, and hate that I have to Pay someone else to Watch my . This one Girl from work, says it cost Her Family more for Her to work, but she has the better insurance … Ugh Are You for sure Mike? This would be a DREAM come TRUE! OMG! I’m so EXCITED! Got a little Dance for You … Sit back Babe and enjoy. – This was my 2nd maybe 3rd ever Custom Video, but my First Impregnation one. So this holds a Special Place in my Heart. This was a request from a Mike, who wanted his name used throughout the Clip. He wanted to be referred to as Strong and Muscular, a Provider, for me to stay at Home. He wanted Hair Rollers, Big Hair, Makeup, Lingerie, Bath robe, Strip tease and Impromptu. @JessIsAmessVids Music Credit, Shout out to my Detroit/Windsor Chicas … “The Motor City Dolls” Category: IMPREGNATION FANTASY Related Categories: BREEDING, PERM RODS / ROLLER SETS, GFE, FETISH CLOTHING, BBW Keywords: milf, big tits, lingerie, brunette, long hair, face fetish, makeup, eye fetish, dirty talk, lip fetish, eyelash fetish, curvy, legs, big legs, thigh fetish