jocelynbaker – Crashing the baby shower for cum

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Your sister is having a lovely baby shower and everything is going wonderful, that is..until you spot your ex from across the room. Oh no, she’s coming up to talk to you. Why on earth is she here?! Thank god your GF is talking to your sister and hasn’t noticed her yet. Your ex confesses that she invited herself, and that your family sure is being nice to her despite the whole crashing the baby shower situation. She’s sure their kindness has to do with the fact they all know you should really be with her & not your current GF..Um, yeah. That’s definitely it. You exit that convo ASAP so as to not piss off your GF..a little later you’re turning the corner to go to the bathroom when none other is your ex girlfriend. She’s crouched in the corner, & being a fucking slut! You should really know better by now, she’s insane and obsessed with having your baby. Before you even have a chance to ask what she’s doing, she pulls up her dress to reveal she’s not wearing any panties. “Oops!” she coyly giggles. You want to turn away, scared someone in your family will see..or worse, your GF. But fuck she looks so good with her dress pulled up and her bare pussy out. She knows JUST how to get you. She begins pleading with you to come over to her place after your sister’s shower, “Just drop your GF off at home and come over” she begs. Now she’s asking for ANOTHER creampie. Fuck. You just gave her one a couple weeks ago! If you keep doing this you really ARE going to get her pregnant. But with that little pussy in front of you like that you just can’t say no. So yet again, you find yourself pulling up to her house. Strange enough, the door is unlocked & cracked open. Weird. You walk inside, call out her name, and begin wandering up to her bedroom. When you step inside you find her on the bed..she’s written ALL over her body. “Danger, Slut, Fertile, & Knock it up” all drawn across her thighs. And last but not lease “Cum” with an arrow pointing to her tight little fuckhole. She is CRAZY! But you love it. She’s asking to play the baby game again, and you are in no position to deny her. You mount yourself on top of her and fuck her like a monster, she holds her legs back while you pound yourself as deep and hard as you can inside her before unloading the BIGGEST, DEEPEST creampie you EVER have! Of course, like a good cum slut she shows you the mess you’ve made. But before she lets you leave she makes you kiss her stomach, promising that she’s serious about tracking her fertility and getting your baby..

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