Josie6Girl – Embezzling Is Wrong Part 3

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Always on your knees all the time now aren’t you? Good thing you came when I called you here today or I would’ve had to turn you in tomorrow. How did that go over with the family by the way? Summoning you here during your Sunday brunch with the in laws, your wife, your kids. I bet you had to think fast to come with a plausible excuse for leaving. Was your wife super pissed? Is she starting to suspect you’re up to something? She probably is starting to think that you’re having an affair with some young thing. HA HA HA! If only she knew what I’ve been doing to you. Maybe I’ll tell her. Maybe I’ll bring her in on humiliating you. No? She would divorce you? Maybe I’ll tell her anyway. But not today. Today I have a surprise for you. I called you over in the middle of Sunday brunch because I wanted good and hungry when you got here. I like that you showed up in your pretty little dress just like I taught you during our last session. You look so fucking ridiculous. Now I want to show you something. Come in slave. This is another of my slaves. Notice there is one big difference between you and him. He has a huge cock and you have a tiny clit. Jerk that big dick slave and cum in this glass. Rub your little clit to sissy boy. Rub your little clit while wearing your slutty dress like a good little cum slut. Because that’s what you’re about to become. Eating your cum makes you a cum eating bitch. Eating another man’s cum makes you a cumslut. You will cum too while holding his cum in your mouth. Then you’re going to eat yours. So get changed and start rubbing that little clit you little sissy bitch

About Josie6Girl

My name is Josie and I'm a full-time cam model and amateur video performer. I specialize in intense, intimate encounters, fetish or otherwise. My favorite shows and videos to perform are femdom, dominant role-plays. I LOVE being a mean Mistress, a Cuckoldress, your female boss who uses your face like a seat cushion and your mouth to wash her feet. I also play many other roles including all the "vanilla" roles. The only roles I WON'T play are that of a submissive. Talk to you soon;)

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