Josie6Girl – You Haven’t Cum For How Long

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Are you sad my sissy chastity slut? Why the long face? Oh, don’t be petulant just tell me, you know I hate when you make me drag things out of you. You just end up getting severely punished for that, so just say it. Are you afraid I’ll punish you for asking? Oh, wow I missed your release date. Wow, I missed your release date by three months! And you waited until now to ask? That shows great restraint on your part. I’m very proud of you, sissy, for understanding your place well enough to know better than to ask me until now. You still did ask though. Hmmmm what to do, what to do? Should I punish you for asking, or reward you for waiting so long to ask? I’m torn. Let’s pull your pretty little panties down and unlock your chastity cage. We’ll give your little clitty some air. You can touch her. Go on, flick your little clitty a bit. So stiff so quick. Hmm, I still haven’t decided yet. Maybe I’ll let you stroke it and then we could ruin your orgasm? Sort of a reward and punishment at the same time. Yes, let’s do that. Flick that little clitty just like I tell you but don’t you dare cum. If you do, three months will seem like heaven compared to how long I’ll lock you up this time

About Josie6Girl

My name is Josie and I'm a full-time cam model and amateur video performer. I specialize in intense, intimate encounters, fetish or otherwise. My favorite shows and videos to perform are femdom, dominant role-plays. I LOVE being a mean Mistress, a Cuckoldress, your female boss who uses your face like a seat cushion and your mouth to wash her feet. I also play many other roles including all the "vanilla" roles. The only roles I WON'T play are that of a submissive. Talk to you soon;)

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