Josie6Girl – Your New Name

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Kneel slave. I have some news for you. I’m tired of pretending that you have any masculinity left in your pathetic body. Your cock is so useless I only let you out of your cock cage to stroke it twice a year. You don’t even need to touch your dick to cum anymore. I have trained your ass so good that’s it’s now a pussy. You actually cum from getting butt fucked while not having your dick touched at all. I’ve trained you that well. I guess I’ve trained you a little to well because I don’t see how there is anything left of you, of your manhood, that I haven’t already completely destroyed. I have decided that you will be a woman from now on. Your new name will be Tiffany. You will never be let out of your cage again either. There’s no point since you cum from getting fucked in the ass. There is absolutely no reason for us to pretend that there is any manhood left in you at all. I’m going to dress you now. Then, when I’ve made you into a pretty little girl, you will throw out all your old clothes. You won’t ever wear anything that would make you feel the tiniest bit masculine ever again. You are my very own doll now. Now let’s get started getting you dressed Tiffany. I want to make you as pretty as possible

About Josie6Girl

My name is Josie and I'm a full-time cam model and amateur video performer. I specialize in intense, intimate encounters, fetish or otherwise. My favorite shows and videos to perform are femdom, dominant role-plays. I LOVE being a mean Mistress, a Cuckoldress, your female boss who uses your face like a seat cushion and your mouth to wash her feet. I also play many other roles including all the "vanilla" roles. The only roles I WON'T play are that of a submissive. Talk to you soon;)

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