Kaedia Lang – Your Big Sis Needs Help

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You are my little brother and I enlist your help to choose an outfit for my date. I ask if I can change clothes in front of you to show you some different options where I end up exposing all of my body, and eventually notice your growing bulge. Seeing you erect gets me excited and I encourage you to begin masturbating alongside with me, as it will ease my nerves before my big date. I end with cumming at the same time as you before I realize I need to leave for the date. I can definitely tell I’m getting better at roleplaying on the spot (I never write a script or plan any videos LOL) so there aren’t many cuts at all. Video includes multiple angles and positions and a fair amount of talking. And can I just say I think my body looks pretty good in this video? Alright, I’m done. Enjoy

About Kaedia Lang

Hi there! I am a 25 year old Asian American whose life consists mainly of eating, sleeping, and flashing the internet. Nice to meet you! You can find me (almost) every weekday at http://kaedialang.cammodels.com!


And yes, I film, direct, edit, and produce all my content entirely by myself (and proud of it!)

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