Kitzi Klown – Ventriloquist Dummy

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I just bought the CUTEST little thing online. Its a realistic ventriloquist’s dummy! She’s supposed to tell funny jokes without even needing me to move her mouth! Magical, right?! I turn the doll on and instead of telling a silly joke, she insults me! Oh dear. How rude.I try a different button, and the doll speaks again- she tells me I’M the joke!! Ruuuude. The more I frantically try to save the show, the more the mean little doll hurls insults off me. Finally, in a panic,I rush the doll offstage before the audience has the chance to boo me off it!

About Kitzi Klown

I'm just a dirty little stripper clown here to exploit your fears and dark desires to get everything I want.

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