Kiwi Couli – Jerking and Twerking

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I start off naked, playing with my cock. I finger myself and double hand my cute little dick. I bend over and start twerking, laying my legs to my sides so you can see perfectly. I get up and my ass and legs are all that’s in the frame, and that’s all you need. I shake my ass and spank myself and fall to the ground. I prepare my tight little asshole to get fucked with the biggest, blackest dildo I have. I press it against my tight hole until it sinks in and I fuck myself while whimpering quietly. I keep going, harder and harder as I push my face into the bed. Jerking myself off, I get closer to cumming, and I slap my hand on the wall in front of me as I cum. I pull the dildo out for you to see and look at the cock that just made me cum

About Kiwi Couli

Hi! I'm Kiwi Couli, and I like to masturbate. I can see you do too! Well, I'm really good at it, and if you'll look just down below, I know you'll find you agree with me. I like to stroke my cock, and to put things inside me, and to put things inside you. I'm insanely good at giving head and whether you're looking for something sensual or sloppy, I'm your girl. I'll give almost anything a shot, and that includes your fetish. Don't forget to worship my perfect cock!

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