Kyra Effing Kane – A Damn Good POV Fuck

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I love doing POV videos, thinking about you inside me, filling up my pussy so full it hurts. I love how hard you fuck me, bouncng my huge tits all over, making my pussy drip, I cant wait to wake up and feel you tomorrow. We start off with you above me, and I am asking you to be inside me, you slowly slipping inside my pussy, starting out a bit slow, you try to loosen me up, so I can take you even deeper inside me. You feels so fucking good, stretching me out…my nipples rubbing against my bra as we go back and fourth until I tell you I want to ride you. So, we switch places, I sink down on you, at this point I am gushing I am so wet, I start to bounce on your cock, letting my tits swing in your face, teasing you with my hard nipples, I am so turned on, I can feel you getting even harder inside me, I start to ride you so hard, my tits are bouncing all over, slapping my stomach so hard because I cant stop…we are so close to cumming, but I am not ready for it to be over. You sit up and I straddle you again, and I slowly ride you as I grab and squeeze my tits, running my fingers along my nipples as you watch me ride you like I have never wanted to be filled so bad, breathing and moaning so hard, as if I am begging for your cum…I want you to cum with me, fill me up

About Kyra Effing Kane

Hey, I am Kyra, I dont even know who I am.
Twitter: @JustKyraKane
Email: [email protected]

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