Kyra Effing Kane – Youre A Pig, Im a Pig : Weight Gain Humi

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We have been on vacation for weeks and it’s been really relaxing…except for the last week or so is when I really noticed how much weight you started to gain. I can’t believe it and I don’t know what to do but it’s disgusting. I can’t keep looking at you eat fatty and greasy food over and over again. Pizzas, hot-dogs, fried chicken, tacos, milkshakes with every meal… anything you name you HAVE eaten it since we’ve been here. People can’t even look at you. You look like you are going to explode. I really let you know how revolting you are now, you have gotten so bloated…but as I am reaming you about how repulsive you are, I start to get tired from all the yelling so I open a can of pop from the mini bar, and chug making me lightly burp through out… I slowly start to notice how much weight I’ve gained. I mean, its seems Ive really grown into my fat BBW body, its just overflowing all my clothes…how do I not notice this. Well, now that I think back on it… I did eat a lot of food too..I really start to see it but as I jiggle my body and show it off, grabbing and pulling on my rolls, shaking my belly up and down, there is so much jiggling, cellulite and stretch marks abound my big tits overflowing my top. I don’t know what to do but.. I guess, you and I are just gonna keep growing nauseatingly fat together. All this yelling and extra weight has me starving. So, I finish off by admitting how hungry I am, and telling you we are gunna go get some food

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Hey, I am Kyra, I dont even know who I am.
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