Lanie Love – Bye Asshole

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quot;Yes cum in my ass! Don’t stop, cum in my ass” your’e fucking my ass and cum deep inside. Ah so amazing! I turn around and put my top back on and offer you some water. I begin a tense conversation “So… I’ve been hearing that you’ve cheated on me”. Of course you act surprised but we both know it’s true. Now that the truth is out, it’s time to get my revenge. I pick up a little remote and click it towards you. It activates what was in your water that I gave you and now… well you’re going to shrink to a tiny man. “That’s right, you just came in my ass and the best revenge for me is to eat you alive… through my asshole! You’ll suffer and you’ll drown in your own cum. The perfect revenge for an asshole like you lol. I would say you’ll never cheat again, but you won’t have the chance. Ah prefect size now.. bye asshole!&quot

About Lanie Love

I'm Lanie! I'm a fetish queen and man eater. I love exploring fetishes and showcasing them for the world. I love showing off my sexy body, being watched by guys (and girls) all over the world, and teasing like no other.

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