Larkin Love – Gagged, Taped, and Tongue-fucked

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My extra-long, serpentine tongue is one giant erogenous zone – a moist, sensate sexual probe, hungry for stimulation. As for partners, I prefer the unwilling kind. Dynamite, my reluctant victim, had no idea what he was getting himself into when I invited him over for “something kinky.” Little did he know that I would strap him to a chair and cram a metal jaw-spreader into his mouth, secured with liberal amounts of bondage tape. With my prey immobilized, I can molest him to my hearts content. I thrust my tongue into his aching maw, tasting the roof of his mouth, his teeth, and his minute oral member. His protests, distorted by the unforgiving gag, serve only to urge me onward. I slide my slick, long tongue into the private crevices of eye socket, nostril, and ear. He struggles against his bonds to no avail. I lick his forehead, creating spidery strands of saliva between my body and his. I taunt him with my fluids, danging fat wads of spit over his face for uncomfortable durations, before sucking them back in again. When my desire has been sated, and he is completely saturated in my juices, I leave the room, allowing his tongue-facial to cool in the evening air. Starring Larkin Love FACE LICKING – TONGUE FETISH – MEDICAL GAG – DROOLING – TONGUE IN MOUTH – TONGUE DOMINATION – BONDAGE TAPE – MOANING THROUGH GAG – FEMDOM – MOUTH FETISH

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