LittleTabby – What I Wanted To Do On Cam

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I woke up horny and happy this morning, after coffee I decided to go on cam. My housemate was downloading something which made my stream unbearably slow. Instead of waste my good mood, I turned on my camera and pretended you guys were watching me live on cam. Teasing and playing and talking dirty. I turned a good morning into a great one

About LittleTabby

In real life, I'm a strong confident woman. In the bedroom, I'm a cute submissive slut.

I'm a natural, outdoorsy kinda gal. I love trail running and weightlifting. I also love learning about sexuality and fetishes and turning people on. I like cats. I like tea. I like masturbating (don't we all).

Instagram: Tabby.Teacup
Twitter: @TabbyTeacup.

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