livecleo – Youtube banned me for this! #Fashionova

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After 100s of videos and thousands of hours put into editing & uploading videos to youtube they banned me forever on Youtube for this! FUDGE! There is no nudity in the video or sexual things.. its a little cheeky but I didn’t even have 1 strike to my name all of that time. I only had 1 warning ever for a nipple that slipped out during a live stream lol. Anyways here it is for free enjoy x Its a short video on Fashionova clothing . I wore a nipple cover during this video so I couldn’t mess it up & get banned but they banned me anyways they dont deserve me I was promoting them for free for years. Find me on Instagram & more soon x

About Livecleo

I am a part time student in account & work as a part time assistant in accounting.
I love the simple things in life like cuddling up & pets. I love to laugh & enjoy life.
I love to be watched when im on cam its a big turn on.
As of 1 year ago I broke up from the 1 & only guy that I have ever been with so I cannot take custom b/g vids sorry x.
He was a practising videographer and we made alot of porn I will upload over time xxx
I am on YT & Twitch x

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