Makayla Divine – I OWN YOU Edging Torture Your Dick Pt 1

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Im a cruel bitch, i derive pleasure from your pain. I put a pillow over your head bc I dont want you to see what Im doing to your cock. I am going to harass your life to the point that youre going to hate me. I get your cock so close to cumming multiple times, but do I ever let you cum? Hehe thats something you’ll have to see for yourself. Im sure your balls hurt so much from all the torture I inflicted upon you. Im sure the minute you look into my eyes you want to cum thats why I had to cover your face so you couldnt cum just by looking at this hot girl stroking your cock. Is there anything worse than having a hot piece of pussy stroking your dick and dictating when you will cum? Im sure you just want to blow your load everywhere when you want, but I dont allow that. Your cock is my cock and it cums when I say it cums. The tease and denial is incredible in this 2 part series

About Makayla Divine

I'm Makayla Divine, you probably know me off of Myfreecams at the cutie with a booty. I'm the squirt queen and I have the juiciest butt around. Aside from being an extremely sexual and sensual person,I'm also a big sports fan and a fun girl to just chat with.

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