Marissa Sweet – Oops! I Shrunk My Brother

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This is a custom video, the script reads as followed: Your mom owns a shrinkray and you’ve been dying to use it on your brother. You teased him with some of the things you would do to him and he counts himself lucky you never got your hands on the shrinkray. Luckily it would make him invulnerable once he’s shrunken. Your mom is leaving on a business trip for a month. She is at the airport when she calls you on your phone. You are in the kitchen with your brother and pick up the phone. She asks if you can check if her shrinkray is still inside a kitchen drawer. To your amazement you find it and while you continue talking to your mom, you aim it at your brother. There’s nothing he can do as you shrink him very tiny. Your mother ask you to bring it to the Air Port. You comply and hang up the phone. You cannot believe your luck as you begin to tease him. You pick him up and tell him that he won’t believe all the things you will do with him. He’s angry and demands you to grow him back. But you just laugh it off and decide to cool him off. You grab a container from the cabinet and put him in. You close the lid and put him in the fridge. You tell him you’re bringing the shrink ray to the Air Port and you’ll be back at lunchtime. You leave him with the Notion that he might be part of it as you leave him in darkness. Please shoot the following scenario’s: – Taking him out of the fridge, teasing him how he’s your toy the next months and put him in your mouth like a candy – Freezing him in an ice cube and then thawing him in your mouth – Putting him among your sex toys as you tell him he’s your new addition and leave him there – Taking him out and use him as a sex toy, only to put him back among the toys – Combining one of your sex toys and your brother. – Sewing him in your underwear and wear him and putting him in your laundry. – Putting him deep inside your pussy and leave him there for a couple days – Using him as an ingredient for dinner and eating him – Rinsing him off the day after and swallow him again – The last scene you are casually playing with your brother inside your mouth. You mom is coming back tomorrow and think about what to do. You don’t want to give up your toy just yet, so you come up with a plan and call your mother. You convince her that he’s left for a long trip abroad and he’ll be gone for a while. She believes you and you are very happy. You almost feel guilty for it, but having him at your complete mercy is just to thrilling. You just have to be very careful when you’re mom is home, so he’ll probably find himself inside your body. Either inside your digestive system or inside her pussy. You ask which way he wants to go and he knows he’s defeated. He tells you he wants to be inside your pussy as you lower him towards it. You tell him you don’t want to take any risks and you’ll keep him there for the next week so mom can’t find you. Ignoring his struggles, you put him in. Please use a mix of pov and a tiny plastic figure