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BASED ON A TRUE STORY ( As it happened in true life : Before some years my husband really was in a little accident and some of his ribs were broken. He was in hospital for a week and I had affair with one his male nurse . We fucked sometimes in the hospital and at my home too.In the true life we didn’t do in front of my husband because this guy didn’t like cuckold games but I told my husband every dirty details when I visited him at the hospital and of course every male nurses knew that I fuck with their colleague and my husband is just a pathetic cuckold ,so it was a really great fun!) My husband was in a little car accident and now he is almost completely immobile.I brought him home from the hospital but he is still under medical supervision.His doctor is really handsome and attractive so he became my secret lover. Today the doctor gives my husband some strong pills for pain and when he is stunned we start passionately kissing.We don’t suspect that my husband didn’t swallow the pills , and he watches us! He yells at us aggressively but I think he forgot that he can’t move and he is at the mercy of us.I tell him I love him but I need a real man who can satisfy my sexual desires because he is a born loser.I tell him I ‘ll make him my cuckold slave and he can’t do anything about it

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The most pervert bisexual lifestyle Cuckoldress and Mistress. The most extreme Sex and Fetishes Addict! The dirtiest humble Slut for Bulls but merciless Dominatrix for Losers! A crazy Exibitionisht. Enter the world of Mira Cuckold!

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