MissAnja – Schoolgirl Pee Panty, JOI+Squirting

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I’m a blonde schoolgirl, who is so naughty and love being kinky when she wants. Do you like naughty girls? I wear short skirt and tiny top with white pants on. Are you up for some fun with me? I love playing wet games and you? You can take a peek at the beginning of my white pants. Teasing you as a good schoolgirl does. My tights are so soft, touching them. Holding my perky tits come here to grab them. Touch them. Feels so good. I really wanna play with you, take off your pants because I see something getting bigger in your pants. Hm… I turn you on so fast.t’s really good. Hold your nice and hard cock of your in your hand and start to play with. How does it feel? Just keep stroking, don’t stop it. Watch me, follow with your eyes till playing with yourself. I need to pee that’s what I meant when I told wet games. Wetting my white and cute pants on. But you just jerking, not so fast we have time enough. My panty soaked in my pee. Warm and feel good. Hope you’re stroking your cock well. Just watching me and jerking off would easier than ever. Can you hear the sound of my pee, it’s hitting the floor. So much pee on floor.You can see on my panty how wet them. Till you jerking I touching my little pussy over on panty. I’m so horny just as like you. I’m bending over few times till peeing you get a great angle of my wet pants. Then I lay down and playing with myself but pants still on. Should I take off, for sure. Take them off and show you how wet it is. I give it to you, and when you jerking off you can own it. Stroking well and bit faster now, I feel can cum easily this time. I’m playing with myself you do the same, how much fun, isn’t it? Jerking faster and harder if you would come with me. Be a naughty boy. I’m fingering my pussy and makes quirt myself. Oh wow so good. Look at my creamy wet pussy. Squirt few times and you should cum with me at the same time. Explode me now. Good I see you have big loads Enjoy it

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I'm a kinky blonde who loves making videos. My passion (besides having sex 😀 ) is keep myself in shape which means I do workout few times a week, if Sweat fetish is your taste I'm your girl. I love making long sweaty vids. I come from Europe but living in Asia (Thailand). I'm also an experienced panty seller since 2016 with lots of satisfied costumers. Would you like try me? Visit my store to find your fave pair

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