Mistress Harley – Feminized and Pimped Out

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I know that sluts like you crave cock, you need to be reminded that you’re not a man, that you’re a little shriveled limpdick and only good for being made into a feminized sissy whore just for me. I’m going to make sure you learn to suck cock, and get your ass fucked, because I’m going to pimp you out and make sure you’re the CHEAPEST whore in town. Don’t worry, all the money you earn will be mine of course, and you better make sure you make me happy

About Mistress Harley

Bitchy, bratty, spoiled, tattooed. I'm the product of wealthy parents who made the mistake of over-educating a bitchy Jewish princess who always knew she was better than everyone else.

I spent high school manipulating grown men into buying me pretty things before I broke their hearts. I've always been smarter and better than everyone, I graduate high school early, and went on to get my Masters Degree from a prestigious California University by 25. www.mistressharley.com

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